Wednesday, July 04, 2007

#14 Sexy Nighties

When Pam got home, she went immediately to the closet and took out a bright pink box. She pulled a soft, cream colored lace babydoll teddy out of the box. It had creamy silk ribbon tying the front. A pair of silk bikini panties came with the lingerie. She had bought it on impulse just after she and Jim had started dating. It had been meant to wear on their first time together. But the spontaneous passion on Friday prevented her from accessing it. She decided when she came home alone last night that she would put it on for Jim first chance she had.

Pam threw her things aside. She glanced around the tiny apartment to make sure it was clean. After throwing some dirty dishes into the dishwasher and making her bedroom tidy, Pam jumped into the shower. She shaved her legs and used scented bath soap. After toweling off, she took extra time drying her hair to a soft, satiny sheen.

It was 6:00pm when she slipped on the nightie and panties. Her face was fresh and she only wore a little blush and lip balm. The sun was still high in the sky, so she closed the curtains to give the room more romantic light. She watched discreetly out the window from the sofa.
Jim’s car arrived and he parked. He got out of the car and made his long legged stride to her door. Pam watched him. She took in his long lanky frame and remembered instantly the feeling of it against her body. She saw his tie had been untied and left hanging around his neck. His shirt sleeves were half hazard rolled up. He was smiling. In his hand he carried what looked like a bottle of champagne.

Jim gave a light rap on the door. Pam opened it slightly, hiding behind the door. She opened it wider and Jim slipped it. Pam locked the closed door and turned around to see Jim staring at her. His mouth was slightly agape and he seemed pleasantly surprised. Pam took the champagne out of his hand before he dropped it and she set it on a side table.

“So how…” Pam started but was cut off by Jim grabbing her in a sensuous kiss. He had his hands around her waist and she ran her hands up to his neck. He arched her back and the kiss grew deeper. Pam felt her breath growing more ragged and she tried to unbutton Jim’s shirt with shaky hands. Jim, still kissing her reached up and ripped his shirt open. Buttons clicked as they hit the floor. Pam almost laughed, but then Jim returned his hands and ran his tongue into her mouth. Pam’s hands went to Jim’s hair and she pushed her face into his.

Jim took a second to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants. He kicked off his shoes and quickly pulled off his socks. His lips never left hers. The briefest parting of lips was only to look into her eyes and breathe deeply for a moment. His eyes were hooded with passion. His pants hit the floor and Pam tugged down his underwear. There were some logistical complications as she worked the underwear around his erection. Soon Jim was naked.

He picked her up and she straddled him. She wrapped her legs around his hips and held on as he walked. He pulled away from the kiss long enough to carry her into the bedroom and lay her one the bed. He was beside her in a second. She felt him peel off her panties.

“Nice.” Jim said softly, “Please tell me you wore these today.”

“Actually, I chose not to wear any today.” Pam whispered against his lips.

“Oh, God” Jim exclaimed and he stroked back her hair, “Thank you for not telling me earlier. That would have so thrown off my concentration.”

Pam pressed up to him and sighed when he started covering her body with kisses. Jim didn’t take off the negligee. He worked his way around it. He lifted the bodice and kissed her breasts, then her stomach. She moaned and put her hands in his hair and he slowly descended until he reached between her legs. Pam felt like she was being tortured as he kiss and licked around everywhere but his final destination. When he finally sunk between her legs Pam gasped with ecstasy. Jim held her hips and worked her over with his tongue. Pam climaxed very fast. Jim kept up his lingual attention until Pam begged his to stop. He rolled off and scooted up to Pam. She grabbed his face and kissed him hard. Jim held her close.

Pam pushed his on his back and she climbed on top. She straddled and groaned as he entered her. Pam put her hands on his chest and looked down at him. Jim was watching as she dominating him. He held her hips and moved fluidly with her. He counted backwards and attempted not to let go too soon.

Pam bent over and kissed him. His hand went to her back and kneaded into her soft skin. She gripped his hips with her legs and swayed on him.

“Come on Jim.” Pam whispered into his ear, “Oh Jim!”

Jim gasped and let go, unable to control the emotions and the feelings of his body ceding to Pam’s request. She wrapped around him as he came hard. Pam lay on him and kissed his neck. Jim yelled her name out. They held the pose for minutes until Jim felt his limbs grow weak. Pam straightened her legs and lay horizontally on him. He hugged her close.

“Pam, that was very much unexpected.” Jim said. He was still a little breathless. A few beads of sweat rolled off both of their skin.

“You denied me a Nooner.” Pam giggled, “I had to receive compensations.”

“You can’t answer the door like that anymore.” Jim said, “I totally forgot anything that I wanted to say. Heck, I still don’t know what I was going to say.”

“Like, hello?” Pam replied.

“Yes, I even lost my basic courtesy skills.” Jim answered. Pam laughed and they cuddled up for a while.

“Have we thought about dinner yet?” Jim finally inquired and he stroked Pam’s waist.

“Mmm…I am thinking take out Chinese.” Pam replied. “There’s this wonderful device. You pick it up and dial a number. You ask for the Chinese food and they bring it to the door.”

“That sounds good.” Jim said, “Do we have to get out of bed to get it?”

“I think they have a policy against delivery into the bedroom.” Pam giggled.

“I’d tip real well.” Jim replied. Pam kissed his chin.

“What happened at the meeting?” Pam asked suddenly remembering the day’s events.

“Oh God, business talk!” Jim groaned and placed a pillow over his head for a second. “Paper is such an anti-climax! No seriously, it went well. Hopefully the new clients can get the picture of Michael snarfing down an Awesome Blossom from their minds. He made sure to sit between Phyllis and Stanley to show his diversity. Now that would have been okay, except he made a point of actually verbally indicating this to the client. That and the multitude of bad jokes. Ryan had no control whatsoever. He doesn’t have Jan’s Michael harnessing skills.”

“Maybe if he slept with him like Jan did?” Pam laughed.

“Now that is an image I want in my head while I lay next to you naked.” Jim responded.

They laughed for a while and spoke of work things. Pam got out of the bed and threw Jim a robe. It was fluffy pink and had been bought for her by Michael during the women’s day out. She had been going to cut it up for rags but it had been too comfortable. She also realized that it was a gift and it would have been rude to cut it up. Jim was all arms and legs in the pink robe. It barely fastened around him and he looked incredibly silly. She kept laughing and Jim threatened to take it off and walk to his car buck naked to get the change of clothes he brought.
They ordered Chinese food. Pam liked the sweet and sour choices. Jim ordered the more spicy Szechwan selections. To Jim disappointment Pam stepped back into her silk panties and covered her teddy with a silk robe. He picked up his clothes from the hall.

“I never liked this shirt anyway.” Jim said and held up the dress shirt with buttons ripped off.

“Oh, I’ll sew it for you.” Pam said and came to take it. Jim snatched it back.

“Are you kidding?” Jim said and gave her a little kiss, “This shirt is a memento to remind me of the time you viciously sexually assaulted me in your door way wearing next to nothing.”

The door bell rang. Jim went into the other room and Pam answered. She got the food and Jim reached an arm out to her with a twenty dollar bill. She gave the delivery man the money. Jim told her to forget the change.

“You realize you tipped that man over $6 dollars for a $14 meal.” Pam said as she returned to the living room. Jim had placed the food on the wide coffee table that was in front of the television set.

“I tend to be real generous when I am sexually satisfied.” Jim quipped.

“He gets the good tip for my hard work?” She giggled as she stood next to Jim as he sat on the sofa. Jim put his arm around her hips and pulled her to him. He kissed her belly.

“You know I have never tried Sweet and Sour Pam?” Jim teased. Pam pulled away slightly.

“You are insatiable!” Pam turned quickly and came back with two cold bottles of water for them. She sat and handed him a small gift wrapped box. “I got a little present for you.”

Jim blushed slightly, “Oh Beesly, I didn’t get anything for you!”

“What do you call that little strip tease at the door?” Pam answered and she speared a piece of pineapple from the Chinese takeout carton. She held it up for Jim to eat.

“Yes,” Jim said and he bit into the juicy morsel, “But you were the big present, all wrapped up in your silk and lace.” He unwrapped the present and let out a big laugh. It was a DVD of “Wayne’s World.”

“I figured that we could work on viewing #44.” Pam giggled and she bit a piece of tangy pork.
Jim turned on the DVD player and placed the DVD in. Pam sat back and propped her legs onto the table. She used her fork to eat out of the container. Jim joined her. He sat close and let their legs touch and feet entwined.

This was one of the happiest times of their life.

To be continued…


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